Sagana Biotech offers consultancy services and strategic analysis in the biotechnology sector.
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About Sagana Biotech

Sagana Biotech provides high value consultancy services and strategic analysis to biotechnology companies and their founders, their investors and their leadership.

Sagana Biotech facilitates successful corporate development and value creation, assisting its clients in technology transfer, founding, start-up creation, financing, due diligence, business and competitive intelligence (technologies, indications, therapies, market and competition analysis) corporate in- licensing, out-licensing, academic and corporate partnerships and company transactions.

Sagana Biotech also supports the process of investment decisions of investors in biotechnology and evaluates existing portfolio companies as well as new investment opportunities. Sagana Biotech also invests in selected biotechnology companies.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.Vince Lombardi
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Company Foundation and Development

  • Support on research proposals, business plans and investment presentations, including work plans, milestones, timelines, and financial planning
  • Create and support funding strategies, including support on grant writing, reviewing Letters of Interest (LoIs) or Term Sheets, representation at investment meetings
  • Support and negotiating from Term Sheet to closing, contract review Assist in technology transfer
  • Coaching in pre-seed and start-up programs like EXIST, GoBio, m4 award, HTGF, BayernKapital

Corporate and Business Intelligence

  • Perform competitive intelligence analyses: technologies, markets, compounds, indications, etc.
  • Market and competitor analysis, competitive landscape.
  • Market research through in depth competitive intelligence.

Strategic Development

  • Assist in developing and reviewing business plans and investment proposals
  • Identify issues and create action plans that impact successful corporate development, financing and investments
  • Assessment of all kinds of investment opportunities: from start-up financing to in/out-licensing and mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic consulting with emphasis on corporate and business development

Transaction and Licensing Support

  • Drafting and negotiating deal structures and deal terms
  • Assist during negotiations with potential partners
  • Support on interactive determination of deal terms and deal structure regarding upfront and milestone payments, royalties agreements and other aspects of compensation packages (equity investment, R&D funding, options, etc.)
  • Support and negotiating from Term Sheet to closing, contract review

Biotech Investment

  • Support of due diligence processes
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Evaluation of investment opportunities

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Case Studies (selected)


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.Confucius, philosopher and teacher
You will not learn whether a new idea works only by thinking about it– you have to try itAlbert Einstein, physicist

Team - Profile

Dr. Bernhard Wimmer works since April 2014 as founder at Sagana Biotech. Consulting emphasis is on coaching of company foundation processes, building up biotechnology companies, transactions, business development, business and competitive intelligence and especially strategic and corporate development.

Bernhard is co-founder of Trianta Immunotherapies GmbH, which was acquired by Medigene AG in January 2014.

Previously Bernhard was Investment Director at BioM AG Munich Biotech Development and has more than 14 years of experience in founding, building, strategic development and financing of companies in the biotech sector. While with BioM AG, Bernhard was responsible for the management of the whole investment portfolio, helped creating 15 companies, consulted more than 40 teams at foundation of a company and co-designed, negotiated and closed more than 80 financing rounds and transactions (including M&A, IPOs, licensing agreements, etc.).



02/14 - present

Sagana Biotech

7 years
7 months


BioM AG – Munich Biotech Development: Investment Director

  • Responsibility for the portfolio of BioM AG; recently 12 companies
  • Multiple board mandates, currently: conoGenetix biosciences GmbH (1/07- ) and Intana Bioscience (9/08- )
  • Negotiating and closing of more than 80 financing rounds and transactions with a volume of more than € 500 million on behalf of BioM AG in more than 20 portfolio companies
  • Co-founding of 15 biotech companies, among others
    Trianta Immunotherapies, amcure, Dynamic Biosensors,
    Kinaxo Biotechnologies, Corimmun, Nanion Technologies,
    conoGenetix biosciences, Intana Bioscience
  • Initiating, negotiating and closing of several Licensing, Collaboration and M&A Agreements of portfolio companies: latest deals Corimmun – Johnson&Johnson; Kinaxo – Evotec; U3 Pharma AG – Daiichi Sankyo;
  • accredited coach with High-Tech Gründerfonds, BayernKapital and EXIST recent projects: Trianta Immunotherapies GmbH, siTools GmbH
  • Multiple successful grant applications with different programs like
    KMU-Innovativ, m4-Spitzencluster, BayBio

10 years
11 months

1/02- 12/12

BioM Venture Capital GmbH & Co. Fonds KG: Investment Management

  • Negotiating and closing of six financing rounds with a total volume of more than € 75 million of four different BioM VC portfolio companies


BioM Venture Capital GmbH & Co. Initiativ KG: Managing Partner

6 years
3 months

3/00- 6/06

BioM AG-Munich Biotech Development: Project & Investment Manager

1 year
2 months


TOPLAB GmbH, Martinsried: Head of DNA-Analytic

  • Development and expansion of Department of DNA-Sequencing into
  • Department of DNA-Analytic, finally with seven employees

1 year
7 months


TOPLAB GmbH, Martinsried: Head of DNA-Sequencing

1 month


TOPLAB GmbH, Martinsried: Scientist Department of DNA-Sequencing

6 months


TU Munich, Institute of Botany: Post-Doctoral studies

  • Working area: Protein-Import into Glyoxysomes


3 years
2 months


MBA-Distance Learning Programme at the Open University Business School (OUBS), Milton Keynes, UK; MBA-degree awarded 12/2001; Courses:

  • Foundations of Senior Management
  • Strategy
  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Financial Strategy
  • Marketing in a Complex World

2 years
6 months


PhD Molecular Biology TU Munich (TUM):

Institute of Botany: Doctoral studies.

5 years
3 months


Diploma in Biology, TU Munich (TUM)

Main topics; Microbiology, Immunology, Genetics, Biochemistry Institute of Microbiology.
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Sagana Biotech
Fraunhoferstraße 9,
D-82152 Martinsried
Office 089 / 23967454
Mobile 0152 / 286 00 843


Sagana Biotech

Fraunhoferstraße 9,

82152 Martinsried

Office 089 / 23967454

Mobile 0152 / 286 00 843




Dr. Bernhard Wimmer

VAT Reg. DE219766149